Once you adapt to the idea, that we’re all cancer; sick, wrong and unjustified, the world becomes a sad place, yet once again available for living. – You can suddenly live with the concept, that most of your fellow beings, are outright sick, inept, limited fools, who does not, because they cannot, conceive the reach of their responsibilities, nor what sanity is. – We are, in short, not lost, we are, along with our host, rightly dying, and we are so, because of what we are; this planet’s cancer, disease and, soon to be, death.

Yes, God does show us love, but that is His loving nature; exactly as a parent shows the highest of love, when the child is on its deathbed.

We are not just lost, we are so far from balance, that we grasp only in flickering concepts, what we rightly are owed, and what our ancestors threw away, in defiance.

The Choice’s been made, the step taken; we’re just waiting to hit the ground.

One word for our future. One.


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